Tuesday, 1 September 2015

European 4-in-1 Chainmaille

I have recently discovered chainmaille and think it could be a new addiction.  I find the repetitive pattern of joining the rings together very relaxing and also engaging.  The above samples are European 4-in-1 chains which are the weave used to make chainmaille armour.

The first sample at the bottom is much more open weave as I used larger jump rings.  It is great to use large jump rings to practise on and be able to see what you are doing!    The top photo is the size rings I will be using to make these links in the future as it looks much more intricate and has a wonderful fluidity about it.

There are endless possibilities for chainmaille jewellery as there are 100's of weaves.  It looks like I am going to be occupied for a while!


  1. Oh that does look amazing Simone! :)

  2. Beautiful, Simone!!! I have done chainmaille, but it made me crazy! You must have a much more organized mind than I have!
    Your work is so precise! xx